Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Reborn of Frustration

Social media platforms are now so heavily governed by algorithms, algorithms which supposedly show you the content you really want to see, when in fact they do (by design) the polar opposite. 

Social media platforms are simply no longer a viable platform for showing my work. I can post on social media to thousands of followers, but the chances of people ever seeing it are extremely slim. The interaction I have with followers and friends has become increasingly rare over the last few years. A quick survey reveals most of my social media 'friends' never see the posts. 

I post my work in the hope that you may view, discuss, love/ hate and talk about my work, you cannot do that if you cannot see it.

So I have decided after a 5 year absence, to bring back my blog. 

The blog will predominantly feature photography, but will occasionally include some of my thoughts and ideas about other stuff, education, a bit of politics, flat earth etc...:)

So do subscribe, and visit this blog when you can.

I will update my work, post my thoughts and hopefully you will find it interesting.

Cheers all!