Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Blinded by the light: A Photography education

Step away from the shiny things....

Perhaps you’ve always had a desire to try photography, or perhaps your loved ones bought you a camera to help you uncover your hidden talent? Whatever the reason you got into photography, you have the kit, you have to desire to learn, all you need now is some real guidance, someone with the expertise to point you in the right direction, to help with your skills and confidence but you are not sure who to approach!
Sound familiar? We have all been there.

But before you pour anymore of you hard earned money into the latest all singing and dancing gazillion mega pixel camera, ask yourself this: What is it that you really need to make you a good photographer?

Inexperienced photography theory!

The biggest fallacy in photography is ‘you need a bigger, better, newer camera/ lens so your images will be better!’ This is of course, utter bollocks. Remember, Camera and photography magazines are funded by their advertisers (the manufacturers), so they are going to say that, right? Ignore them.

The biggest mistake I see new photographers (and some experienced ones) make is they spend ridiculous amounts of money on kit, and not on a basic photographic education. These same guys usually proceed to never comprehend why they continue to create utter drivel imagery, even though they have the latest (insert manufacturer here)

So what should YOU do instead?

You learn, become an educated photographer. Imagine waking up tomorrow with the idea that you want to be an Air Ambulance pilot? You wouldn’t go out and buy a Chinook helicopter would you? No, you would seek out the best education that would enable you to become the best pilot, right!

Photography is no different, except perhaps it doesn’t save lives, but it does inspire them, which perhaps does save them in some way too!

So why learn with me?

I have over a decade of experience in teaching both new and experienced photographers, enriching their photographic knowledge.

You do not attain the high level of experience, understanding and comprehension of photography which I have, without grafting for it. I have worked and studied myself almost to death. I have invested my life into photography to gain the experience and knowledge which I now retain.

Besides my formal academic Certificate in Education Teaching Diploma and Master’s Degree in Photography, I have over a decade of experience in working both for clients and on my own projects. My work is published, exhibited and respected.

Basically, I actually do know what the fuck I am talking about.

So what do I offer exactly?

I am a highly experienced, highly skilled photographer and educator.

Photography is not about genre. It is about ideas and understanding. Once you marry the two, the possibilities are endless.

Having said this, to cater for tastes and individual desires, I do run specialist workshops, for specific genres. So whether it is camera and compositional basics, portraits, Landscape, Skyscape, high end Fashion or Fine Art Nude, I can teach you.

I am also a master editor/ retoucher. I offer workshops in editing from the basics to Masterclass retouching. Again, I can do this because I have earned the experience. I will make a further blog about editing and retouching soon.

I also embrace new technologies and advancements. I do not limit myself to Digital DSLR photography. 35mm, Medium and large format film, Camera Phone, Mirror-less and app editing are all areas I include in my teaching.

Taken on my Sony A6000

Why my workshops?

My workshops are dedicated to their participants. It is my job to inform and guide you, and set you on the road to understanding photography.

There are no egos allowed in my sessions, it is never about how amazing anyone else is, or who has the latest all singing all dancing kit. The sessions are simply about you gaining the confidence and ability to enable you to begin to expand your photographic practice.

We are all the same, simply fallible humans with a camera.

I guarantee you will leave the workshops having attained a much more thorough understanding of photography and its origins, the camera and where you go from here as a photographer.

My guarantee?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the workshop, you get your money back!

Image result for money back guarantee

A little side note:

It is difficult when you are starting out to know exactly what your favourite area of photography (genre if you like) or style may eventually be. Have a look around and see what excites you. Book on to the workshops that will excite and engage you. If you have Zero interest in Portrait photography, don’t book on a portrait workshop.

Read up on the photographers who excel in those areas which do excite you. Look outside of the normal places. Instagram is an excellent resource for discovering amazing photographers who may be unheard of.  Have an idea of where you would like to take your photography. I am not interested in creating a bunch of Lance Burkitt clones. I will encourage you to learn, I pass on what works for me, but as a photographer you should be aiming to create your own style, and that begins now.

How much??

I know what your initial thoughts are. ‘I’m not paying that for a workshop, I can get them cheaper elsewhere!’

I also know that you will happily waste more money on unnecessary new kit, right?

My workshops are not cheap, knowledge is not cheap. Yes we all know that you can get an online course or one taught by any clueless charlatan for £40 quid for the day, but ultimately what are you going to learn from it?

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, and on my workshops you are investing in me, in my experience and knowledge, which is real and does actually exist, but does not come cheap.

I guarantee you will learn, understand and improve, and that is the point, right?

So what when and where?

At this time I am planning my next 12 months of workshops. I am looking to work both nationally and internationally. So keep an eye on this blog and my website for information and dates which will be available very soon.

A key point to remember throughout your photographic practice.

The word ‘Photography’ translated from its Greek origins literally means ‘Drawing with light’
In essence, that is all you are doing. A camera, like a pencil to an artist is simply a facilitator of that drawing process.
Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it, and learn it, then your creativity will begin to shine through.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all over the coming months and years!
Cheers, Lance

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