Monday, 9 October 2017

Drawing with light





a sologram
A 2 day solargram on Black and white photographic paper.

I have been training, tutoring and educating Photographers for over a decade. Whatever you need to learn, be it a small hurdle you are trying to overcome, or maybe you have decided to learn a new genre, whatever your question, I am here to help provide you with the answers.

My wealth of expertise and experience in many genres of photography, along with my continuing academia and practice, allow me to offer a service which is far different to any other photography training available elsewhere.

I offer bespoke Training, Workshops, Tutorials and Seminars from beginner level to masterclass, in both technical and theoretical Photography, Digital image editing and retouching, traditional film Photography and Darkroom techniques.

Rolleiflex 120m TRI x Kodak film
Rolleiflex 120m TRI x Kodak film

These include one to one private tutorship, group workshops and online tutorials across the full remit of photography.

Whatever you are excited to learn, whatever level of ability and experience you have , I can tailor training for you.

Alongside providing training on the technical aspects of photography, I also tutor historical and contemporary practice, research, evaluative & contextual matters, should you be working towards a vocational qualification and require assistance, or perhaps you would simply like to attain a greater understand of photography, and discover how reflecting on your practice can massively help you improve you understand both your own photography and the Photography of others.

To discuss your individual needs, or to receive invites to training events please e mail at

Keep an eye on my social media feeds for updates on group workshops and events.

Cheers all!

Lance Burkitt

Photographer & Educator.