Sunday, 28 October 2018

A little help from my friends?

As a northern born and bred creative, I have endured the familiar struggle to be noticed within the higher echelons within my industry. The gigs I have missed out on due to my geographic location, the times I have received the reply along the lines of ‘we love your work but we are not taking on new clients at the moment’ is infinite… A British pound for each could have seen me into early retirement.
Considering I am a creative not an agent or a marketer, I have seen relative success over the last decade, but my success has been severely hindered, by my own limitations. I am a creative.
Why an agent?
Why does a tour require a guide? Why does a ship need a pilot boat to guide it in? Why does a child need a parent?
It is a case of need. I do not have the skill set or experience of a seasoned agent.  I am fully confident in my ability, my work, and my photographs, I am also fully aware of my limitations.
I am a creative.I have proven under my own (Amateur) guidance that people understand what I do, admire the quality and originality of the work I produce, and will buy my work and commission me. However the industry is vast, gargantuan, and requires specialists to guide and navigate with you through it.
I do not want an agent so I can sit back & smell the roses! I want an agent to work with, a partner, someone to believe in me but more importantly to guide me along the right path.
So who are you?
Where are you?
If this is something of interest to you, let’s talk!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Monday, 8 October 2018

adventures in light and dark

I have to keep shooting, more often than not at the moment, with a simple Galaxy S7

It allows me freedom to breath. See -  shoot - learn.

I hope you enjoy these little brain farts, more words soon