Monday, 19 November 2018

reflection is key

Yesterday, I rediscovered this set of images from the start of my MA project in September 2015. 

I was investigating portraits & how to better produce images that portrayed an obvious connection between photographer & sitter. As a fan of David Baileys portraits, I decided to keep it simple & just to give my subjects basic instructions to allow them to relax and just be themselves, somersetting that rarely happens when a camera is stuck in your face!

I started with my 2 youngest boys, and they were great!

I hadn't appreciated the images at the time, but upon reflection I had captured some really interesting images. It just goes to prove the worth of revisiting work and how reflection can revitilise your outlook on your ideas. 

Be a super hero! Canon 5D Mk3 

Be a super hero! Canon 5D Mk3 

No you can't play on the Ipad, we've only been here ten minutes!!!... Canon 5D Mk3 

No you still can't play on the Ipad... Canon 5D Mk3 

No it doesn't have any games... Canon 5D Mk3 

Pull a normal face for me Logan...Canon 5D Mk 3

Pull a serious face for me Evan... Canon 5D Mk 3

Beginning to return to film. Logan discovers my Helmet.. Mamaya Rz67 with Kodak TriX 120 film

Shep, the ever inquisitive Border Collie, Canon 5D Mk3

Inspired by Bailey, Lennon & McCartney
Canon 5D Mk 3

Ultimately I left portraits behind for the project, but it did make me realise that shooting portraits was not the problem within my work, that lay elsewhere. The moral of the story, keep reflecting to move forward. Cheers, Lance 

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