Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The Death of the Mechanical Photograph

In January 2018, I began researching for a book I was looking to write about my experiences in life and photography. Whilst researching for the book, I began to discover some of what may be considered my more outlandish theories on reality, humanity and memory were being confirmed by what is considered mainstream science.

Around May 2018, the book began to become more of a position paper, and as such I submitted my paper abstract to Journalonarts for Consideration. My paper was accepted and with the considerable guidance of Dr Florin GRIGORA┼×, my ideas eventually became my 1st academic paper.

The Death of the Mechanical photograph.

I won’t spoil the content, I will let you have a read and judge my ideas and conclusions for yourselves.

The paper is now published (Some delay due to illness) and available at

Currently the prospect of the book is still in my mind, however as a result of my discoveries whilst researching for this paper, I am currently researching for my next paper, the content of which will suggesting a new understanding of the true history of photography.

Have a great day all, and remember, Look up more and question everything.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

return of the freelancer

Working as a full time lecturer, gaining my Master of the Arts degree has taken me away from what I was doing previously, working as a people photographer. So I decided with a little time off over the summer to make a return and update my book with some people photos. 
I arranged a shoot with the fabulous singer/ musician Elishama and a make up artist friend of mine Laura 

We spent a few hour wandering around my favourite city of Liverpool with a few ideas, and no pressure and had a great time. Here’s what we did…

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Living our best life

Loved being away and chilling with my wife & kids this week on a very sunny Lincolnshire coast. Had big fun, horendously hot weather and 4.5 days observing the british seaside town culture. Nothing has changed since the advent of the 'Holiday' except perhaps for the intervention of the mobile phone.

Same place, same people, same methods of 'entertainment'
How to waste your hard earned money whilst having 'fun'

Below are a few of my observations.

Please do not use my images without permission, or I will have to sue you. 

All images copyright Lance Burkitt 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

I went out wandering...

I went out wandering, just pictures for you to SEE, make up your own words....