Wednesday, 2 January 2019

New Year, new ideas.

It has been my intention for many years to move my musings in to a more vlog based, tutorial and discussion format, and I have finally done it. I have established the Time Traveller channel in a few places to enable me to do this.

You tube:



It is my intention to continue my written blog here, but I will also be hosting live discussions, live photoshoots, tutorials, Q&A’s and all manner of exciting photography and visual communication related stuff, and of course my ideas on reality.

Exciting times:

I wrote some time ago that it was my intention to write a book on my ideas and discoveries, well that is still ongoing, but over the latter part of 2018 I began to heavily focus on one part of the research, which quickly became an academic paper. The paper ‘The Death of the Photograph’ has been peer reviewed and is to be published in a creative arts journal soon, as soon as it is available I will publish the link here. It is an exciting time for me which respect to my academic research and writing.

Anyway, please do subscribe to my channels, and tell ya mates about them, it would be very much appreciated.

Also, I will continue to make these blogs and vlogs available for free and without ads etc, but you can support the work by making a donation should you wish (only if you are able to) on the links below.

Cheers for you continuing support all, Lance



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